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What we've done & the impact of our work

- Outreach work targeting young people in L25 and L27 at hot spot areas such as parks and shops

- Drawing Club at St Cyril's Children's & Youth Project on Tuesday evenings

- Dance & Creative Arts at Woodlands Community Centre with Jan Robinson

- Production of LGBTQ event with choreographer Miguel Doforo, to be held in St. Helen's telling the story of HIV 

- Millennium Centre Youth Groups with boxer Michael Walton and footballer Jacob Lawton

- Fitpro Awards at Hilton Hotel - asked to judge and attend with Claire Simmo and Jase Porter

- Reiki Level 1 with young people who self harm. Teaching to self heal instead of harm. Chakras, meditation, Reiki energy and attunement with Vicky Smith 

- Knife Crime Workshops with Ava White Foundation and Mandy Jamieson from Danny's Place

- Crime & Consequences Workshops with Billy Moore, targeting young boys involved in county lines

- Working in children's homes with lads out of Borough 

- Morrison's Community Champion, Jayne Hornby, has been providing free drinks to young people attending sessions.

- Mentor Level 2 programme for young people willing and wanting to change, offering guidance, support and community links

Nathan has ADHD, not medicated, aged 9, has never slept through the night until Reiki sessions and breath work.

Phoebe is loving art and is now a peer mentor post learning.

Katelyn has been enjoying the Reiki and coming on in leaps and bounds.


Female - Under 18

  • Hair &  Beauty - nail care, shellac, hand & arm massage, file & polish.

  • Make up, Bridal, Festival, Day & Evening.

  • Hair care, hair types, brushes, techniques, blow dry, curly blow, curling techniques, scalp analysis.

  • Sexual health

  • Exploitation

  • Knife crime

  • First aid

  • Drugs and Alcohol

  • Self harm reduction

  • Boxing

  • Mindfulness, Meditation, Essential oils, Crystal healing workshop, indian head massage, colour therapy, sound bath, reflexology.

Male - Under 18

  • Knife crime

  • Prison and consequences

  • Drugs and alcohol

  • Benefits of Physical activity

  • Writing your own story

  • Bullying/Bullyisms

  • County lines

  • Image orientation

Afternoon Sessions

  • Working on stance, guard and balance and getting a general feel for boxing through shadow boxing. 

  • Learn basic punches through shadow boxing & pad work.

  • Practice what we have learned and work on techniques to improve it, starting to put more power and speed into the pad work and learning to enjoy it. 

  • Learn defensive techniques such as blocking, ducking, slipping and footwork movements.

  • Learn some more advanced punching techniques such as hooks and uppercuts.

  • Start to slowly combine some of the techniques we have learned together, also making sure we have all basics covered to move onto more challenging and exciting sessions. 

  • Start to put some combinations together using all the attacking and defensive techniques we have learnt, letting it flow, find your rhythm and enjoy it!

  • Put together everything we have worked on, letting everything flow and feel good about the progress you have made.


Also, I will include some fitness at the end of each session, and also teach them about what muscles we are using and how we can develop them. More importantly teach them the positive impacts boxing can have on your everyday life and create that winners mentality which is not just important for boxing but for life itself, to be happy and to be successful.

Female - Over 18

  • Employability skills

  • First aid training

  • Driving theory training

  • Hair & Beauty

  • Wellbeing

  • Holistic therapies

Male - Over 18

  • CSCS card training

  • SIA training

  • Forklift truck training

  • Warehouse training

  • Employability skills

  • First Aid

  • Driving Theory

Turnaround Programme

We also offer a bespoke 12 week turnaround programme.

Learners will attend 1 day per week, whilst attending mainstream school 4 days a week.

The aim of the programme is to re-engage the learners back in to mainstream education full time.

The programme will be delivered in a way that ensures each young person will receive reward and recognition for each session they participate in.

The 12 week programme will run as follows:


AM Session: Knife Crime

PM Session: Neurological programming processes (tapping in to the subconscious mind)


AM Session: Daniels Grace (guest speaker Mandy Jamieson)

PM Session: Understanding thoughts and emotions


AM Session: Basic first aid/knifesavers

PM Session: Conflict & resolution


AM Session: Sexual health card registration

PM Session: Relationship dynamics


AM Session: Exploitation

PM Session: Mental Health and the importance of mindfulness


AM Session: Guest speaker and peer mentor, Samiah Ahmed

PM Session: Chemicals in our brain (the psychological changes in the body when under severe stress and how to relieve these)


AM Session: Hand manicure, theory and practical

PM Session: You have a friend (stereotype and judgement)


AM Session: How to apply Shellac to fingernails

PM Session: Quiet time workshop (exercise how to bring you in to a quiet state of mind)


AM Session: The importance of keeping fit and healthy

PM Session: Makeup techniques, brushes, skin types etc


AM Session: High intensity workout/meditation

PM Session: Makeup application


AM Session: Nutrition and a balanced diet

PM Session: Hair care (wash and blow dry, hair up)


AM Session: Circuit training/meditation

PM Session: Evaluation and celebration

Female Over 18
Male Over 18

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